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Sony Rewards Now Lets You Use PlayStation Trophies to Buy Games

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If you’ve got an impressive amount of PlayStation trophies constantly being added to your collection, you can finally put those accomplishments to good use by cashing them in for new games or other products thanks to the Sony Rewards program.

The Sony Rewards program isn’t a new feature, and if you use your PlayStation 4 primarily for gaming without taking part in renting movies or other activities, you likely weren’t even aware that it existed. But a recent update for the rewards program now lets you earn points based on how many trophies you have, and those points can then be converted into products or PSN currency.

How much you’ll get depends on how many of each trophy type you have, but for those who rack up quite the catalog, you should walk away with some easy money.

Bronze trophies aren’t included in the deals, but if you’ve got Silver or anything above, you’ll earn more Sony Rewards points the more that you have.

The trophy-to-points conversion rates are as follows:

  • 100 Silver trophies – 100 points
  • 25 Gold trophies – 250 points
  • 10 Platinum trophies – 1000 points

To see what you can redeem your points for, you can get started by linking your account here and tracking your trophies. Having 1000 points is enough to get you $10 in PlayStation Store credit though, so saving up your points can get you a brand new game while spending them quicker can earn you some quick-and-easy microtransactions.

There are plenty of ways to earn points outside of trophies, so make sure you explore all your options to get as many as possible. It says that it might take a few days for your linked accounts to reflect your trophy progress on Sony Rewards’ site, so give it some time if you don’t see changes right away.

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