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Someone Redesigned The PlayStation 1 As A Modern System, And It Looks Incredible

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As most gamers will tell you, the original PlayStation system (which debuted in 1995) was a revolutionary step forward for the video game world. It took graphics, gameplay, and storytelling to a whole new level. Even the design of the system itself was influential. Recently, however, a brilliant product designer reimagined that classic design for the 21st century.

Mingyu Kim (in partnership with practical product design company PDF HAUS) has completely redesigned the PS1 system with a fresh, modern day look. His design is not only visually stunning, it’s also practical. In other words, this thing could actually work… if it were real that is. So let’s hope Sony takes a hint and hires this guy to create an official version of this thing. Take a look at his beautiful design below.


Website: LINK

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