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Rumor: PlayStation 5 Will Have Big Platform Update for PSN

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Since being launched in November 2006, the PlayStation Network has undergone several changes that have done a lot to improve the stability of the online service. If recent suggestions are to be believed, the service will again be going through an infrastructure update specifically designed for the PlayStation 5.

According to a very vague tweet posted by Windows Central writer Jez Corden, Sony is apparently planning some sort of big update for the PlayStation Network. As Corden’s tweet does not really relay any specifics, but does mention “cloud”, it is possible that the update is in some way related to cloud-based gaming services. Again, though, there is very little to go on.

As previously stated, the PlayStation Network has seen a flurry of changes over the last twelve years, moving from a service that was initially free–but included terrible shortcomings–to one that now requires a premium and suffers from far fewer issues than it did in the past. It is only to be expected that Sony will be continually looking to improve the service as the space of gaming changes with new and continuing technological developments.

With Microsoft already having made its increased focus on cloud-based gaming services known to the public earlier this year, one can only assume that Sony may also be working on a similarly focused project. Sony already offers a cloud-based gaming service in the form of PlayStation Now, and perhaps new infrastructure updates to PlayStation Network may see the service in some way become a feature of the overall online service.

However, with very little information about any such updates planned for the PlayStation Network or even PlayStation 5 itself being known, any statements made pertaining to such are just rumors. With the PS4 being over five years old, it is possible, however, that we may hear updates on these two areas that are more than just unconfirmed statements regarding PlayStation sometime in the near future.

Source: Jez Corden–Twitter (via ResetEra)


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