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Red Dead Redemption 2 Settings That Make the Game Even Better

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While Red Dead Redemption 2 offers lots of major gameplay features, the game is also full of smaller systems and game mechanics. From the core stats that players can level up, the maintenance of different guns (which impacts the effectiveness of the weapon), and the camp morale system, there’s plenty for players to think of. It’s understandable then, that some of the game’s most useful settings have gotten lost in the pile.

In a Reddit post, a user named MashXforwhat has highlighted some of the game’s hidden features. This includes the ability to get rid of the need to tap the X button (or A button on Xbox One) in order to make Arthur keep sprinting. Players can change this setting by opening up Red Dead Redemption 2‘s third-person controls menu, enabling the Standard FPS control scheme in order to move sprint to the left stick and crouching to the X/A buttons. Go to the accessibility menu > running mode and enable toggle to run to be able to click the left stick once to jog and twice to run instead of button-mashing.

Another recommended settings tweak regards the game’s firefights. Although Rockstar Games has put a lot of effort into the game’s shooting mechanics, even giving each weapon its own feel, some players have still complained that it suffers from input lag. To fix this, players can head to the third-person movement and camera controls, turn aim/look dead zone to the lowest setting, turn aim/look acceleration to the highest setting and put both aim sensitivity and look sensitivity to very high settings.

For the first-person settings, it’s recommended that players turn the field of view to the highest setting for more of a traditional FPS feel and to copy the third-person control scheme (including the Standard FPS setting) to first-person. And, speaking of first-person, it’s also suggested that players use the first-person mode when they’re looting a house as it makes it easier to pick up specific items.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a very big game, both in the size of its map and in terms of what it allows players to do. So while it may be frustrating that some of the most useful quality of life features aren’t glaringly obvious, those who’ve been having trouble with the game will just be glad that they now know how to fix it.

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