Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Available Now on Xbox One

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Hi Everyone! Travis Baldree here, Co-Founder of Double Damage Games and after much appreciated patience from everyone, we’re pleased to announce we’ve finally launched Rebel Galaxy Outlaw on Xbox One.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a follow-up prequel to our original Rebel Galaxy title which we released in October of 2015 on PCs, then later on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you played the first one, you’ll immediately recognize the tone, setting, and our love for having a kick-ass soundtrack. However, what you’ll immediately find new and different is that in this latest installment, we’ve moved away from capital ships and put you directly into the cockpit of a more nimble but just as lethal ship. We drew on our love for classics like Wing Commander, Privateer, and Freelancer to name a few and wanted to give you the feel of experiencing the action up close and personal. And plus, if I’m being honest, we as developers wanted to do something a little different this time around.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

In Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, you’ll take on the role of Juno Markev, an outlaw and smuggler who went straight and settled down until events conspired to drag her back into her former life. Our storyline in-game features a full conversation system to follow, ignore, or carve your own path. I’ve always been a fan of older games like Sid Meier’s Pirates, and the feeling of interacting with a system and a living world. We’ve put a lot for you as players to do, see, and explore with over 40 systems of the Dodge Sector in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, all while jamming out to some amazing new tunes we’ve added this time around – there’s over 20 hours of music! 

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

So jump into some epic space dogfights today with ships you can kit out and customize. And don’t forget to kick back among roughnecks at the local bar to play some dice-poker, hit the arcade machine, shoot some pool, and grab a tip to hunt for hidden treasure.  And as always, crank the volume, chamber another round, and burn like hell!

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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Double Damage Games


Out of cash, out of luck, out on the fringe. Juno Markev has a killer to tail, a debt to pay, and more trouble headed her way. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw takes place in a greasy, blue-collar world of outlaws, truckers, cops and thieves. Strap into a variety of spacecraft, settle a score in a filthy space-bar over a game of 8-ball, rock out to over 24 hours of music, and engage in white-knuckle dogfights. In the Dodge Sector it’s hard to get by – and even harder to get even.

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