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PS5 release date news: Tomb Raider dev’s next-gen wishlist, as new launch window predicted

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While the PS5 release date remains something of a mystery, more and more development studios are weighing in with what they want to see from Sony’s next-gen console.

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Wishlists include more physics-based events, faster processors and better connectivity between different platforms.

In a recent chat with Express Online, Shadow of the Tomb Raider narrative director Jason Dozois and lead game designer Heath Smith revealed what they want from the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

And the general consensus is for anything that would make Tomb Raider games look even better than they already do.

“More memory, more rendering, being able to see a further distance,” Dozois revealed. “Seeing vistas and thinking, ‘I can actually go there’, and it’s all connected.”

The sentiment was echoed by Smith, who said that future Tomb Raider games would benefit from bigger worlds and greater draw distances.

“The more alive everything feels and the draw distance, because Tomb Raider is famous for its vistas, so the further you can have life in a vista, the more alive it feels,” he added.

And if recent PS5 release date reports are anything to go by, Dozois and Smith might not have to wait very long to find out what the next PlayStation is capable of.

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Japanese analyst firm Ace Economic Research Institute believes that the PS5 could launch as early as 2019.

A potential 2019 release date could, however, be derailed by manufacturing shortages.

As DualShockers points out, monolithic ceramic capacitors are especially problematic due to their increased use in cars.

Either way, there’s a good possibility we’ll find out more about the PS5 at one of next year’s big gaming events.


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Written by Thomas Schäfer

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