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PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Should Push Forward Cloud Technology

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Looking forward toward next generation consoles and theorizing about what possible leaps they might make is a particularly interesting topic right now, because of all the possibilities. One of the things that seems like the next big step is cloud computing and cloud gaming, and judging by efforts being made by both Microsoft and Google, it makes sense to see why many people feel that way.

One of those people is Cipto Adiguno, product manager at Agate Studio, who’re the developers of the fantasy management-RPG hybrid Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story. We recently conducted an interview with Agate to talk about their game, which recently launched for PC and consoles, and after speaking about the game a bit, our conversation eventually turned to what Adiguno’s expectations from next generation consoles are.  He mentioned advancements in cloud technology, while also hoping for console development kits to be available in Indonesia, where Agate is based.

“I think PS5 and Scarlett will be able to simulate the world more realistically than ever before,” he told GamingBolt. “From me personally, my biggest expectation is not from graphics, but how we will play our games. With the advancement of cloud technology, perhaps soon I could play my latest AAA games anywhere. Also, I hope the SDK for PS5 and Scarlett will be available in Indonesia too.”

We also asked Adiguno if he felt cross-platform play was something he felt would be a defining feature of next-gen consoles, but in his view, it’s something that’s more of a basic need than anything else, and consoles will still continue to rely on features and exclusives to help them stand out.

“I don’t believe so,” he said. “Cross platform for developer will be basic needs because we need more player able to access our games. But for the consoles themselves, just like this generation, they will still need exclusive titles and specific features that differentiate them from their competitors.”

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