PS4 Games Sale: Monster Hunter World, Persona 5, More Great PSN Deals Right Now In The US

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Sony has kicked off the Golden Week Sale, a two-week-long promotion on PS4 games on the PlayStation Store. It has loads of great titles on sale for low prices. And if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you get even deeper discounts on the games. The sale ends on May 8, so read on for our picks for the best deals in the Golden Week Sale. [Update: In addition to this, there’s also a new Totally Digital sale that’s now underway on PSN, as well as Star Wars Day deals.]

As far as big games go, you can get Monster Hunter World for $48 ($45 for PS Plus members). It offers hundreds of hours of monster hunts, loot drops, and character upgrades. The stylish 100-hour RPG Persona 5 is on sale for $33 ($27). Nier: Automata will bend your mind to the point of breaking for $36 ($30), as you find all 26 endings. Meanwhile, the remake Yakuza Kiwami is the perfect entry point in this long-running series about Japanese gangsters. It’s on sale for $21 ($18).

Many smaller or more niche games are also on currently on sale. The Metroid-style pixel art game Axiom Verge is on sale for $12 ($10). All installments of the totally bonkers visual novel series Danganronpa are on sale. These games are about a murderous teddy bear who enjoys trapping high schoolers in buildings and making them kill each other to escape. And if you need to lighten up after that, try Dragon Quest Builders, a colorful game that’s like a more structured, mission-driven version of Minecraft. It’s on sale for $28 ($36).

You’ll find our picks for the best PS4 deals below, but you can see the full list here.

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