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Pre-orders Now Available for Surviving Mars on Xbox One

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The main challenge of managing your colony in Surviving Mars isn’t just the budget; it’s right there in the title: if you want your Martian settlement to grow and thrive, your colonists have to survive long enough to see that happen. On March 15, Xbox players will get the chance to see whether they’re cut out for life on Mars in the newest strategy game from Paradox Interactive and Haemimont Games.

Surviving Mars Screenshot

Surviving Mars is a building and management game that raises the stakes a little more than the usual builder (raises them roughly 225 million kilometers from Earth). Sure, having a power shortage in a city-building game is annoying, but in a world where a power shortage means your residents don’t have access to breathable air, keeping the lights on starts feeling a little more important. From your first surveying drones to your first mega-dome, Surviving Mars is a game that will challenge you to build and grow and keep your colonists happy, and once you’ve overcome the whole “lack of air” thing, to create a robust, self-sustaining colony that covers the whole map.

Surviving Mars Screenshot

Starting today, eager astronauts can pre-order Surviving Mars on the Xbox One. We’ve been hard at work ensuring that both scientific progress and devastating accidents look their best on the Xbox – up to and including 4K graphic support on the Xbox One X. Mars may be dangerous, but there’s a lot of beauty to be found as well – as you can see in the trailer above, there’s plenty of green to be found on the red planet once your colony is up and running. (You may also have noticed from the trailer that not every potential hazard on Mars is something mankind may have prepared for!)

Surviving Mars Screenshot

Anybody who pre-orders Surviving Mars will get not only a new kind of strategic challenge but will also receive a set of bonus skins for their colony’s domes, styled with the futuristic design themes of Paradox fan-favorite Stellaris. Colonists who want to treat their new society to the Deluxe Edition, meanwhile, will also get access to additional in-game music, a shiny set of chrome building styles, and more. For those planning to remain on Mars for the long haul, there’s even a “First Colony” Edition available which includes all of the above plus the Surviving Mars Season Pass, adding two expansions and two content packs coming in the future!

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