3D Drawings That I Create To Confuse People (Part 4)

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I am a self-taught, 32 year old guy from Serbia. Actively engaged in drawing less than 5 years. They said that I always had a talent for drawing, but I didn’t have interest for this.

I started drawing portraits and it was hard, there were great artists which in this holy will never achieve (maybe one day), so I decided to draw something different, something rear. 3D is something what people like and I want to be the best at this. I am using colored pencils, markers and pastel. Inspiration is everywhere, just need to catch it.

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3D Basketball ball in real size

3D Spider-man

3D Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo playing on my desk

3D Eagle flying

3D Cowboy hat

3D Nintendo GameBoy, real size drawing

3D HP laptop, real size drawing

Some of my drawings are in bird’s-eye view like this Magnum Revolver

And some of them are from the Star Wars like this Han Solo’s Blaster

Here we can see how it’s looks like normal and how it’s looks like inverted

Here we can see real human heart on paper…or it’s just one of mine drawings

Some of my drawings are enlarged like this sharpener

and some of them are reduced like this 3D spaceship

You know this little fella from Guardians of the galaxy, 3D Groot

Just one 3D yellow highlighter

Sometimes I like to draw cartoon characters, to make 2D looks 3D

And sometimes I like to draw athletes like this UFC fighter

3D Wooden Sleigh

My new 3D model, Harlso the Balancing Hound

3D Black Skull

3D Thor’s hammer

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