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PlayStation History Collection 1 – Takara Tomy 1/6 scale gashapon video game systems!

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Takara Tomy’s SR Series PlayStation History Collection 1 includes miniature plastic versions of six PlayStation models. Designed to be sold in Gashopon vending machines in Japan, this set includes not only the consoles themselves, but mini versions of games, memory cards, joysticks and more.

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The set includes:
SCPH-1000 with I.Q. game, memory card, and original joypad
SCPH-7000 with Minna no Golf, memory card, Dual Shock
SCPH-9000 with Ape Escape and PocketStation (SCPH-4000C)
SCPH-101 with LCD monitor accessory, Dual Shock 2, and Dokodemo
Secret System #1
Secret System #2

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