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PlayStation: 25 PS4 Tricks Not Even Super Fans Know About

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The PlayStation 4 has been out a good five years now, with it taking a huge leap over the mild sales of the PlayStation 3 and even winning the console race of this generation. In all fairness, with Microsoft’s epic fail of a pre-launch with the Xbox One, not to mention the dead-on-arrival Wii U not being any threat (the recent Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, is a strong if young contender); it was kind of a cake-walk for Sony to win it.

That is no slight on the console itself, which is a hefty and effective piece of machinery. Taking several features and principles founded on the PS3 yet fine-tuning them into a much sleeker, quicker and muscular slab of hardware. But also like the PS3, it’s filled with more features then you could shake a stick at but (most) will be hard-pressed to know they’re even there.

As said, a lot of those special tricks will be completely lost to the average gamer; there’s a handful of tiny little features you might easily miss, but there’s also some incredible killer tricks and interface advantages that can make your proud console that much more special and cooler.

This is, in fact, the perfect time to investigate the console and it’s ‘hacks,’ with all the snazzy updates and software fixes that have aired since launch. It is currently chock-full of hidden goodness for the loyal gamer to use and explore.

25. Play Your Buddy’s Games Online

Probably one of the most rad things your PS4 can do (yet, hardly anyone knows you can do) is the SharePlay option.

When you and your friends are joined up in Party Mode you’ll see the option for SharePlay.

Press that button and you will be able to do awesome things like watch your mate play, then let him digitally hand over his controller for you to have to go. Also if it’s a Co-Op game the two of you can link up to play it together. Only downside? After an hour you’ll have to refresh the SharePlay option.

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