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Play Silent Hills: P.T. on PC in VR with Google Cardboard! Full Tutorial iPhone/Android

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Another Tutorial from us the team behind #blogdottv 🙂

So we gonna start right away with the Turorial for P.T. the PC Version , also known as PuniTy – PT hallway recreation!


You will need:

  • PC (i5, 8gbram and a solid graphics should do the work)
  • Silent Hill P.T. PC version (remade free download of the console Demo version)
  • Smartphone (capable playing VR content)
  • Cardboard or VR headset (GearVR works to, you need more 3rd Party software for this – Package Disabler Gear VR)
  • Controlls (we recommend a gamepad, xbox controller , etc.)
  • Trinus VR (Android/iPhone App for Streaming PC content to cardboard, vr headset)
  • Time 🙂 🙂


Download Links: 


PuniTy – PT hallway recreationDownload

Trinus VR ServerDownload

optional: TriDef 3DDownload (14 Day Trial) VideoLink


Trinus VR App – Android/iPhone


So, you have installed Trinus VR on your PC and phone. Now what?

Below you will find general instructions on how to create a streaming session between you PC and your smartphone using Trinus VR.


Before we start, it is important to keep these in mind:

  • Always run your game windowed. If the game doesn’t have such option you can try using DxWnd
  • USB Tethering gives the best performance, but requires tethering to be enabled and working (i.e. Windows to recognize the phone). Refer to your phone manual for details on how to set it up.
  • Disable mobile data while tethered, Windows may try to use the phone as internet access point .
  • For online/multiplayer sessions you will need to change Windows network priorities. Click here for instructions on how to do this.
  • Make sure there are no network blocks between PC and phone (e.g. firewalls)
  • If the screen stays blank/frozen, use the ‘Video Compatible’ mode (remember to window the game). This mode is slower, so consider reducing game resolution to keep a good frame rate and low latency.

The Lens Settings should be good at the beginning with default, you can always play around with the settings in trinus vr to find your best fits:


After Setup everything:

  • Turn on Trinus VR Smartphone App
  • Insert Smartphone into Cardboard/VR headset
  • Start Trinus VR PC server application
  • connect Gamepad if not connected (optional)
  • start PuniTy – PT hallway recreation
  • optional Audio setup: headset connected to PC, set default audio output settings do headset
  • enjoy playing , with your selfmade vr headset bringing Silent Hill P.T. Demo back to life on PC  🙂 🙂 🙂

We hope you liked our small and fast tutorial for playing PuniTy on your VR headset with gamepad or keyboard, you can play also other games with this method, and also as mentioned with real3d support due to the optional 3rd party software!!!

Gameplay screens




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