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New MDF and Plywood Laser Cutting Materials Available at Sculpteo

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Sculpteo is offering two new material options on their laser cutting platform: MDF material of just 2mm thickness and “Ceiba Wood” plywood.

3D printing service Sculpteo is updating and releasing two new laser cutting materials. The French company which specializes in 3D printing regularly releases new materials and finishing options for 3D printers.

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However, they’re now introducing two new materials for laser cutting. You can take advantage of the new materials through the company’s online laser cutting service.

Wondering what the materials are? Choose from an MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) material of 2 mm thickness or a new Plywood material called “Ceiba wood”.

Until now, Sculpteo has only offered MDF in thicker versions – ranging from 3mm to 10mm. However, this option is currently only available in the standard color. Keep in mind that if you’d prefer another color, you’ll still need to choose the 8mm option.

The other new option is Ceiba Wood which is a type of Plywood. This material comes from an “exotic wood”. Sculpteo adds that the color is light beige. This option is also available at just 2mm thickness.


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Properties of the New Materials

MDF has benefits including being isotropic, resistant, cheap, and suitable for painting. It doesn’t have a tendency to split either. The new 2mm thickness means new applications for use.

However, the other brand new materials option of ceiba wood is fragile and has a low density. But, this could be perfect for uses such as creating mock-ups of buildings or even furniture. Sculpteo adds that this material is useful when creating beautiful, water resistant, light or flexible designs.

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There are strict dimensions to follow with this material. You can find out more about these technical specifications on Sculpteo’s website.

If neither of these new options suit your needs, the company offers other materials. These include cardboard material, maple plywood, poplar plywood, and okoumé Plywood.

To get started with the Sculpteo laser cutting service, simply begin by uploading your file on their platform. You can then choose your material and get the parts delivered to you.

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