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New Game Console Coming To China Via Microsoft Partnership

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It looks like Microsoft has their eyes set on the growing ‘Chinese’ market now that the ban rule has been lifted over their in regard to ‘video gaming systems’ and their idea is to launch a new ‘streaming type’ gaming console with a partnership formed with BesTV which is one of China’s largest IPTV networks.


According to Xinhua News, Microsoft and Chinese media company BesTV New Media Co., Ltd, are partnering to bring a new gaming console and streaming device to China. E-Home Entertainment Development will be 51% owned by BesTV and 49% owned by Microsoft and based on a total investment of $237 million.

A spokesperson for Microsoft told Polygon “This is the first step of many to come for Microsoft and BesTV. We look forward to exploring new opportunities for bringing entertainment offerings to China, but we have no further details to share.”

The Chinese government recently lifted a long-standing ban on the import and sale of consoles. The new joint-venture will launch in the newly established Shanghai free trade zone.

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