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Researchers 3D Bioprint the First Ears Made From Childen’s Own Cells

Reading Time: 3 minutes A team of Chinese plastic surgeons and tissue engineers have devised a method to 3D print cells which assemble into a replica of a patient’s ear. Five children suffering from unilateral microtia in China are the first patients to receive newly grafted ears made from their own cells. Tissue engineers made the ears by combining […]

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Man Straps 94 iPhones to Body in Smuggling Attempt, You Won’t Believe How He Did It!

Reading Time: 2 minutes With Apple having official stores in China now, we don’t come across as many crazy iPhone smuggling stories, but then this guy popped up in the news. Simply put, he decided to strap 94 iPhones (various models) to his body in an attempt to smuggle them from Hong Kong to Guangdong province, China. The China […]

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Chinese students payed to manufacture PS4 at Foxconn plant

Reading Time: 2 minutes More than a thousand Chinese college students were forced to manufacture the PlayStation 4 as part of an internship at a Foxconn factory, reports Dongfang Daily. Xi’an Technological University students spent two months at the Foxconn plant in Yantai, China, for a work-study program that ran from August to this week. Students from the program told […]

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5-Year-Old Boy from China Becomes the World’s Youngest Pilot

Reading Time: < 1 minute He Yide, nicknamed “Duoduo,” is an extreme 5-year-old, as he’s supposedly flown a plane, reportedly earning himself a world record for youngest pilot ever. Yide is reporeted to have completed a 35-minute flight at Beijing Wildlife Park in China on Saturday after hours and hours of private flying lessons. According to his father, He Liesheng, […]

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New Game Console Coming To China Via Microsoft Partnership

Reading Time: < 1 minute It looks like Microsoft has their eyes set on the growing ‘Chinese’ market now that the ban rule has been lifted over their in regard to ‘video gaming systems’ and their idea is to launch a new ‘streaming type’ gaming console with a partnership formed with BesTV which is one of China’s largest IPTV networks. […]