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My Discovery Of Blackboarding Helped Me To Cope With Depression

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Hello dearest bored pandas! I am here to take you on a journey of my recent lifetime when everything was changed because I started to make some new kind of art!

First of all, I should present myself to you. My full name is Cosmin Mihai Moraru, but everyone knows me as short, Miki. My friends got me into this and encourage me to write this self bio about my last 3 years and what I am doing as, if I can call it art.

In short words I wanna say first, that before starting what you will see further, 3 years in the past, I was in a very dark zone if my life, in a deep depression, with dark thoughts about myself and my future and in one of those moments everything was changed!

So let’s begin by telling you this, I was on the edge of falling apart with my sanity, at the very right moment of it, I saw this girl, working at the coffee shop, a waitress, trying to carve with some white chalk on a blackboard the promotion of that day in their shop. In that moment I’ve realized that with all my background in art school and working at the time in a artshop store I can help her with that thing. At the moment I didn’t think of it, what is called that and if I should do that, it was spontaneous and I was at her, asking for letting me do that job for nothing in exchange! It was my first blackboard I’ve ever drawn. It was really really awful drawing, but in that moment I realized I can go in every shop I know and do this job.

So after this moment, 3 years back, being in deep depression, very low on money, not really having a place to sleep, being as well kinda homeless at the time, I’ve seen light into my darkness and I stepped into a new path, fragile, scared and surrounded by negative people that they don’t encourage me at the moment too much.

It was my lifeboat, but I don’t wanna spoil more of this story by telling you, for now, all details that leaded to my near future. In simple words I’ve started like that and in a short long story it was like: I’ve got few jobs in my town, Cluj-Napoca, România, very hard because I didn’t had a real background and a portoflio in this matter, after few months I’ve traveled to another city, just to do some other small projects, maked new friends a long the way that were very helpful, people started to notice me, I was invited to other cities in my country, events, music festivals, every work I’ve done it was better and better… And the magic moment was when, in 14 of September 2016 I was outside of my country for the first time, traveling with some friends, in Berlin, Germany. It was a magic moment, in my first half hour after I checked hotel room, I was drawing outside at this restaurant, my first draw signed with my name outside of Romania. Since that moment I’ve started to travel, around the Europe for now, as a work&travel artist and in my next articles I will share with you every details of this beautiful journey!

I want to share this with you because, maybe out there are people in distress like I was and maybe it can be a story that might save them from their darkness as it did for me! And also I want to show you few of my examples, as portofolio, of what and where I’ve done blackboards in last 3 years! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it and please give me a feedback! Thanks for your time reading this!

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My very first recorded draw on a blackboard with clasic chalk (March 2015)

At the same place, using clasic chalk! (April 2015)

First improvement, from clasic chalk to chalk water based markers! (May 2015)

Freshman College Bar (September 2015)

About wine…(November 2015)

Another College bar, in another city, Iasi, Romania (March2016)

Summer time (2016)

First trip outside Romania, Berlin, Germany (14 September 2016)

First Burgers (October 2016)

Nicely done beers (November 2016)

Another sign with beers (December 2016)

One of my first realistic food draw (January 2017)

Pastaaaaa de Bucharest!!! (Summer 2017)

Beers in Amsterdam (October 2017)

My first Paella (Summer 2017)

I’ve made happy this guy in Barcelona last year (May 2017)

Cocktails of Barcelona (May 2017)

A very good Irish Breakfast (February 2017)

Take away this coffe (November 2016)

Drawing in Copenhegen al the “Local Bar” (March 2017)

Smokin’ that blackboard (Summer 2017)

Another good food (April 2017)

Great friends, good food ar Arrosticini (Summer 2017)

Very cheesy pizza (November 2017)

A great big burger (April 2017)

A gift for a friend birthday…Renamed cocktails!

Oslo, Norway (May 2017)

Copenhegen (April 2017)

Showroom, Brasov (March 2016)

You can see this one in Amsterdam (October 2017)

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