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Monster Hunter World’s Spring Blossom Fest Ending Soon On PS4 And Xbox One

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Monster Hunter World‘s first seasonal event is drawing to a close. The ongoing Spring Blossom Fest is set to end on PS4 and Xbox One this Thursday, April 19, giving you only a few more hours to participate in the festivities and earn special rewards.

In addition to a host of new and returning Event Quests, the Spring Blossom Fest introduces a new type of crafting material: Spring Blossom Tickets. These are earned by logging in to the game and completing Limited Bounties, and they can be exchanged to craft new items and gear.

In particular, Spring Blossom Tickets are one of the materials needed to craft the new Blossom armor set, which is available in both Low Rank and High Rank variants. The Low Rank version also requires a certain number of Earth Crystals, while the High Rank variant requires Carbalite Ore. You can find out how to craft the gear in our Spring Blossom Fest armor guide.

April 19 also marks the end of several ongoing Event Quests, including one to obtain the fan-designed Wyvern Ignition Great Sword. Players who missed out on the two Horizon Zero Dawn crossover quests the first time around likewise have until April 19 to earn the PS4-exclusive Horizon gear.

Despite kicking off during the Spring Blossom Fest, the Rush of Blood Event Quest for the voxel Mega Man Palio armor will continue for one more week. It will be followed by an Event Quest to obtain the Devil May Cry armor.

Before the Spring Blossom Fest concludes, Capcom will roll out another big update for Monster Hunter World. That is scheduled to arrive on April 18 and introduces new gear, another Elder Dragon, and Sieges, a new type of quest for up to 16 players.

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