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Monster Hunter World: Spring Blossom Greatsword, Armor Guide

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Monster Hunter World‘s first-ever seasonal event, Spring Blossom, is officially underway on PS4 and Xbox One. It offers a few weeks of new and returning activities to take part in, but the main attraction right now is the new gear–both armor and a greatsword weapon–for you to get your hands on. Here’s what’s available and how to get it all.

Spring Blossom Tickets are a newly added item for the event. You’ll receive one as a login bonus, and more are available by completing Limited Bounties. These are then used to craft new items, including the armor.

The new Blossom armor is available in both Low Rank and High Rank variants, and you’ll be able to see it at the Smithy as soon as you log in. Each piece of the Low Rank version requires a certain number of Earth Crystals to craft, as well as one Spring Blossom Ticket. The High Rank version requires Carbalite Ore, as well as three Spring Blossom Tickets per piece. That’s a total of 15 tickets if you want to craft the full set. Here are the armor skills for each piece:

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  • Blossom Headgear — Honey Hunter (1)
  • Blossom Vest — Quick Sheath (1)
  • Blossom Cuffs — Paralysis Resistance (1)
  • Blossom Coat — Scoutfly Range Up (1)
  • Blossom Boots — Recovery Speed (1)

As for the new greatsword, you can now forge Wyvern Ignition, the weapon designed by a fan. Unlike the new armor, this won’t show up at the Smithy by default. Instead, you’ll first need to complete a new event quest called Every Hunter’s Dream. This is a five-star Arena quest where you’ll hunt a Rathalos and Paolumu, with a limit of 50 minutes or three faints. The reward is 7200z and Master Craftsman’s Blueprints.

These Blueprints are one of the materials needed to craft the weapon, along with Dragonite Ore, Paolumu Webbing, and Rathalos Marrow. Two are needed for the base weapon (Wyvern Ignition “Steel”), while three more are needed for the upgraded version (Wyvern Ignition “Impact”). The upgrade also calls for Elder Dragon Blood, Firecell Stones, and a Wyvern Gem.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

You’ll have the duration of the Spring Blossom event to collect the necessary materials. The event runs until April 19 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET (1 AM BST on April 20) and also includes a special design for the Gathering Hub, the return of all Event Quests, daily Limited Bounties, and more.

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