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Manic toilet paper shopping simulated with Arduino

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Manic toilet paper shopping simulated with Arduino

Arduino TeamApril 22nd, 2020

Toilet paper is a hot commodity these days, and if you’re loathe to fight with actual people over these rolls, then Jelle Vermandere’s game could be the next best thing. While the game can be enjoyed on your browser, what really sets it apart from other (?) hoarding sims is that it can also be played with an Arduino Uno-based motion sensing rig.

Vermandere’s system is built in the form of a cart handle, and utilizes an accelerometer to sense control directions as you race other carts for the soft paper prize.

Additionally, the computer’s microphone is used to sense loud noises and give you a boost, simulating how you might scream at yourself or other customers to help “win” the day.


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