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Killer Instinct Net Code Syncing Issues (Video)

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YouTube user “Calvin Morrow” has uploaded a video detailing a very strange occurrence in theXbox One exclusive Killer Instinct.

He shows how an online match can become desynchronized and yet continue on as if everything is normal. So, both players can win the same match, or, one player’s victory can cause the other player’s game to disconnect…


In this video I show the same match as viewed by two different players, myself (Calve12) & Darksydephil. This match shows that our inputs are essentially the same but the spacing and timing is slightly off, resulting in two very different matches. On his end it registers as a victory while on my screen it shows as a disconnect.

I show the inputs so they can be viewed and compared to both videos.

Killer Instinct online syncing problems.

The bug is posted on Double Helix’s bug reporting thread, so it’s a legitimate concern. Although, this seems to be ‘uncommon’.

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