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Killer Instinct Net Code Syncing Issues (Video)

Reading Time: < 1 minute YouTube user “Calvin Morrow” has uploaded a video detailing a very strange occurrence in theXbox One exclusive Killer Instinct. He shows how an online match can become desynchronized and yet continue on as if everything is normal. So, both players can win the same match, or, one player’s victory can cause the other player’s game to disconnect… […]

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Microsoft gifts full Killer Instinct (XB1) to ‘dedicated’ fans

Reading Time: < 1 minute It looks like Microsoft is gifting the ‘full’ Killer Instinct game for Xbox One to ‘dedicated’ fans. Xbox owners with a high Gamerscore or Live tenure have received the gift via e-mail: Microsoft has confirmed the promotion is legitimate and said that it targets users with a variety of criteria including Gamerscore and Xbox Live tenure. The email reads: “You’re a […]