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January Cosplay Showcase!

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Cosplayers are already on the move creating new costumes for 2018! If getting more creative is part of your new year’s resolution, make sure to tune into these streams to learn some tips and tricks, and gain some inspiration to strut your stuff at cosplay events in the months ahead.

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Rococo Belle | Photographer: Alexandra Lee Studios


Four years ago, Casey Renee got into cosplay thanks to her love of Halloween and comic books! Currently, she’s working on finishing her Vanessa Ives costume before starting on a Disney Parks inspired Belle gown. Join Casey Renee and her community to exchange tips and tricks and learn more about the cosplay craft together!

Padme Amidala | Photographer: Alexandra Lee Studios


After attending Otakon, Eveille was inspired by everyone dressed up in costume that she started to create her own. Her all time favorite costume is Padme Amidala due to her love of Star Wars. Eveille has two projects that she’s currently working on: Fuu Hououji from Magic Knight Rayearth redesign done by SunsetDragon and a Sailor Mars redesign done by Dessi-Desu Cosplay. Tune in to her streams, and don’t be afraid to ask questions as Eveille and her community are a welcome and fun space.

Dreadking Rathalos | Photographer: Fred Huelar


If you’re a fan of Gundam or just plain amazing armor builds, you should tune into VampyBitMe! A 15 year veteran, she got her start thanks to learning from her mom, who is a seamstress. Vampy is currently working on a Sisters of Battle cosplay from Warhammer 40k, but her all time favorite was the Unicorn Gundam cosplay she made. So if you want to catch some detailed cosplay construction, or catch some model kit building, tune in to chat and make more friends!

The full schedule for all of the front page streams is below:

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Would you like a chance for your channel to be featured as part of the Cosplay Showcase? You can apply by going to fill out this form!

Website: LINK

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