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HTC VIVE’s GDC Sessions To Go Live

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The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is one of our favorite moments of the year. Connecting with the developer community, sharing our technical insights and learning what is next for the industry is always a highlight for our team.

We were disappointed when we realized GDC had to be canceled this year, yet completely agree with and support the organizer’s decision to postpone during these unprecedented times. While we can’t connect with you in person, we’ve got a full slate of live webinars coming in the next few weeks based on our GDC Developer Day Summit sessions.

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Starting March 31 – May 12, we will host a live webinar followed by a Q&A period every Tuesday at 10am PT. A schedule for these sessions can be found below in addition to further information on each talk:

  • Tuesday, March 31 @ 10am PT – A Step Ahead of the Curve: Using Data Trends to Build a Successful VR Experience
  • Tuesday, April 7 @ 10am PT – Build for Tomorrow: VIVE Hand Tracking SDK
  • Tuesday, April 14 @ 10am PT – Working Remotely in VR using Vive Sync
  • Tuesday, April 21 @ 10am PT – Lessons Learned from Marketing 100+VR Games
  • Tuesday, April 28 @ 10am PT – Viveport Developer Console: What’s Coming in 2020
  • Tuesday, May 5 @ 10am PT – XR Continuum: Merging VR & AR Development
  • Tuesday, May 12 @ 10am PT – What’s the Opportunity in Enterprise?

Tuesday, March 31 – A Step Ahead of the Curve: Using Data Trends to Build a Successful VR Experience 

By Bjorn Book-Larsson, President, Viveport

Dive deep into Viveport’s proprietary data to get an insider’s look into what makes a VR title successful. In this session, we’ll look at what drives certain consumer behaviors and how to develop content that keeps players coming back for more.

Tuesday, April 7 - Build for Tomorrow: VIVE Hand Tracking SDK 

By Dario Laverde, Sr. Developer Evangelist  

Learn how to add hand tracking support to the VIVE, VIVE Pro, VIVE Cosmos and VIVE Focus with a hands-on coding session using Unity. Sr Developer Evangelist Dario Laverde will walk you through the VIVE Hand Tracking SDK and use cases. Topics covered include gesture recognition, remote and local interactions and custom hand models.

Tuesday, April 14 - Working Remotely in VR using Vive Sync 

By David Sapienza, AVP Content Production 

Working remotely?  On April 14th at 10am PST learn how VR can benefit you and your team.  What are the benefits?  What are the drawbacks?  Is it right for your team?  This session will be given by David Sapienza and will take you through Vive Sync, a powerful collaboration tool that harnesses the power of VR to bring together distributed teams. 

Tuesday, April 21  – Lessons Learned from Marketing 100+VR Games 

By Thomas Gratz, Sr. Manager, Developer Marketing

Curious about how to stand out on a VR app store? Whether you’re marketing your first VR title or a seasoned developer with multiple titles under your belt, this session will expand on the time-tested “do’s and don’ts” for marketing your VR experience in a way that will improve your app’s conversion rate.  

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Tuesday, April 28 –  Viveport Developer Console: What’s Coming in 2020 

By  Adhar Walia, Director of Product, Viveport & Stanley Chung, Sr. Manager

Viveport Developer Console, the entry point where you showcase your VR experiences and bridge to the world of VR businesses.  Find out how to leverage various VR business models available to you, learn about new console features to better integrate with your organization, and explore what’s coming ahead in 2020.

Tuesday, May 5  –  XR Continuum: Merging VR & AR Development 

By Jad Boniface, Sr. Director of Developer Relations and Partnership

Learn how VIVE is pushing the future of XR development with the SRWorks SDK and VIVE Cosmos XR. Developers now have access to mix the see-through stereo camera view and their virtual worlds to create experiences that are more interactive and highly immersive, all made possible by the high-resolution dual cameras of the VIVE Cosmos XR faceplate. We will walk through supported features and demonstrate use cases for your own development. 

Tuesday, May 12 –  What’s the Opportunity in Enterprise?

By Chris Chin, VP & GM, Vive Studios & Amy Peck, Sr. Director Enterprise Content, Vive Studios

What are the latest trends in Enterprise VR and how can you best position yourself to be successful?  Learn how Vive Studios is partnering with developers to grow the Enterprise space together. 

To sign up to attend our first session on March 31, please head to the registration page here. Registration links to all sessions will go live next week so make sure to check back and sign up!

Not able to make a talk? No problem! All sessions will be uploaded on the HTC VIVE YouTube channel following the live session.

Website: LINK

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