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Halo: Infinite Doesn’t Support Xbox Play Anywhere, Website Shows

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The next big Halo game, Halo Infinite, may not support the Xbox Play Anywhere scheme, it appears. As discovered by DynamiteCop! on NeoGAF, the page for Halo: Infinite does not list Xbox Play Anywhere support for Halo: Infinite.

The page shows that the game is coming to Xbox One and PC, further noting that it will support 4K and HDR, and that it’ll be „enhanced“ on Xbox One X. However, there is no mention at all of Xbox Play Anywhere, an absence that is notable given that the page another high-profile upcoming Microsoft game, Gears 5, shows Xbox Play Anywhere support.

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Xbox Play Anywhere is the consumer-friendly system whereby purchasing an Xbox One or Windows 10 PC game gets you a copy of the game on the other platform at no extra cost. All of your progress, including saves and achievements, moves between platforms. It’s a nice system that gives you the freedom to play wherever is most convenient for you.

Halo: Infinite coming to PC is a big deal, considering that entries in the mainline series have been Xbox-exclusives for more than a decade now. The last Halo game that officially came to PC was 2004’s Halo 2. It remains to be seen why Halo: Infinite won’t support Xbox Play Anywhere or if there are perhaps other details that Microsoft is not ready to share yet. Whatever the case, we have contacted Microsoft in an attempt to get more information.

Given that Halo: Infinite is still a long time off, it could be that distribution details like support for Xbox Play Anywhere and other key particulars are not sorted out as of yet. After all, what was shown at E3 2018 was not Halo: Infinite the game but rather only a demonstration of the engine that powers it. We have yet to see any footage of the game itself, but Microsoft has stressed that it will re-focus on Master Chief after Halo 5 pushed away from him.

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In other Halo news, 343 recently confirmed that it is not working on a battle royale mode currently for Halo 5 or presumably Halo Infinite. When Halo: Infinite does finally release, it will be free for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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