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GTA V to make another $437 million from DLC and microtransactions

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Digital goods research firm Superdata today revealed its projections for the success of that effort, saying it expects Take-Two to bring in $206 million of additional digital sales in the game’s first 12 months.

About $165 million of that total is expected to be taken up by downloadable content packs. While Rockstar hasn’t fully detailed its DLC strategy yet, Superdata’s figure assumed two add-on releases within the next year. The remaining $41 million will be accounted for by microtransactions, sales of virtual currency that can be used to purchase new equipment within the game.


Over an expected five-year lifespan, GTA V was projected to bring in $93 million in microtransactions, and $344 million for DLC purchases for a digital sales of secondary content total of $437 million. While considerable, it would still fall far short of the game’s retail haul. Take-Two confirmed that GTA V generated more than $1 billion in sales in its first three days on sale.

Superdata noted that the microtransaction model is still unproven for major retail releases, and said the player base for GTA V may still be unfamiliar with the practice. Additionally, because the microtransactions will be optional tools to speed up progress rather than hard and fast roadblocks to progress, Superdata expects a smaller percentage of players will wind up being converted to purchasing customers than would be seen in a typical free-to-play hit.

“This isn’t the game’s next billion dollars, as some have supposed microtransactions will make Take-Two,” Superdata said, adding, “It is, however, a successful foray into the microtransaction world for a console title. Games like Borderlands 2, though with an admittedly smaller player base, saw just over $10M in total digital content revenues in its first year.”


Official Source: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2013-10-01-gta-v-to-pull-in-USD437-million-in-digital-add-ons


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