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e-paper pocket money tracker using Monzo pots

Reading Time: 3 minutes Jason Barnett used the pots feature of the Monzo banking API to create a simple e-paper display so that his kids can keep track of their pocket money. Monzo For those outside the UK: Monzo is a smartphone-based bank that allows costumers to manage their money and payment cards via an app, removing the bank clerk […]

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Chinese Bitcoin exchange DISAPPEARS, along with £2.5 Million

Reading Time: 2 minutes hinese Bitcoin exchange GBL has shut down, taking with it over 25 million yuan (£2.5m, $US4.1m) of investors’ money, in another warning to those who don’t look before they leap with the digital currency. Users first suspected something was up on October 26th when they could no longer access the site of Global Bond Limited […]

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GTA V to make another $437 million from DLC and microtransactions

Reading Time: 2 minutes Digital goods research firm Superdata today revealed its projections for the success of that effort, saying it expects Take-Two to bring in $206 million of additional digital sales in the game’s first 12 months. About $165 million of that total is expected to be taken up by downloadable content packs. While Rockstar hasn’t fully detailed […]