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Fox News Debuts Its New Newsroom With 55″ Windows Tablet

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No, this isn’t from a comedy show or parody, but rather real 55-inch touchscreen tablets being used in the Fox News Deck. Fox News anchor Shepard Smith takes us through the network’s new high-tech setup, in which journalists use the gigantic tablets to “swipe through pages and apps, presumably collecting information for live reporting.”


According to The Verge, “It’s a remote control that allows Smith to shuffle through an image carousel with no apparent journalistic purpose.” Shepard Smith would like to think differently, as he states, “For instance, I can take this lady who’s been evacuating from a hurricane zone and move it over here.”

Official Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWLoGNWcMkc&feature=player_embedded#t=0



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