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Fox News Debuts Its New Newsroom With 55″ Windows Tablet

Reading Time: < 1 minute No, this isn’t from a comedy show or parody, but rather real 55-inch touchscreen tablets being used in the Fox News Deck. Fox News anchor Shepard Smith takes us through the network’s new high-tech setup, in which journalists use the gigantic tablets to “swipe through pages and apps, presumably collecting information for live reporting.” According […]

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You Won’t Believe How These High-Tech Underwater Headphones Transmit Sound

Reading Time: < 1 minute Swimmers rejoice! Now when you’re training or just exercising, you can put on a pair of Neptunes headphones and enjoy your favorite tunes. This innovative new technology allows swimmers to listen to music while underwater, by conducting sound through the bones in the human skull. The Neptune headphones send sound waves to the inner ears […]