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Fortnite Fans Notice Strange Object In Sky Which Could Destroy Entire Map

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Although Fortnite is proving to be one of the most popular games in recent memory, fans of the game are seemingly in for a bit of a change.

The Battle Royale version of the game is all anybody seems to be able to talk about nowadays, and the trademark mix of interesting maps and constant updates means players never get bored.

But now Fortnite has become the behemoth it has, fans are starting to wonder just what Epic Games will roll out to keep the fans in the action.

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Some fans are convinced they’ve found the answer to that burning question by staring at the sky and pondering – like many-a-thinker before them. Except this time they actually reckon they’ve seen a huge clue to the future of the game.

It’s all tied to a giant celestial body which is glowing brightly in the sky, which looks deceptively like a massive star or a comet.

At first, people weren’t sure whether this was April Fools’ content, but the comet seems to be showing up on a lot of people’s games, and there are some serious fan theories about what it could spell out for the game.

The comet is currently looking like it’s headed for Tilted Towers, which is where most of the action goes on in the game. This fits in with a lot of people’s theories that the towers are on their way out of the game.

Apparently even Epic Games hate the location because it ‘removes the flow of the game’. At least that’s according to ChlorophyteFTW, who wrote:

Firstly, most of us hate it, it removes the flow of the game, it is the location in the centre, so the storm will mostly be near it, which means tilted towers gets loads of people, nowadays nobody lands to Greasy Grove, Lucky Landing, Haunted Hills, and the original Wailing Woods and Lonely Lodge; Tilted Towers is why. And Epic Games hate it as well.

And the timing of the whole thing certainly makes sense, if you consider that it could be the perfect way to round out season three of the game. Some fans even reckon the comet is going to be the catalyst to introduce some space-themed content to the game.

Fortnite Fans Notice Strange Object In Sky Which Could Destroy Entire Map Fortnite Comet

And while the comet could well destroy the entire map in preparation for a new season, that doesn’t sound like something Epic Games would do. They’ve previously said they are more interested in developing their map than changing the one they have for an entirely new one.

Interestingly enough when Kotaku reached out to a representative of Epic Games about the comet, they replied only with one single image:

And then there is the question of Easter Eggs in the game – which is quite good timing really, and likely no accident.

During this season, a lot of the unlockable stuff is themed around extinction and explosions, as well as an astronaut costume, so some gamers are adamant the next season of Fortnite will be set in space.

And some are even going as far as working out the morse code for the glitching controller rumbles, which they reckon is a clue to the date of the supposed extinction.

There is even the recent addition of a set of telescopes which are aimed at the comet, which all but confirm that we need to be looking at the great big thing in the sky.

Whatever the truth behind the mysterious comet, we’ll be sure to find out in the coming weeks. And can we all just take a moment to think about how cool this kind of update would be?

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