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FILA Drop Amazing Pokemon Trainers Collection

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FILA have just dropped a new line of Pokémon trainers and you’ll want to wear ’em all.

Sportswear brand FILA has collaborated with the stalwart gaming and cartoon franchise to bring a little animated joy into the lives of sneakerheads and Pokéfans alike.

You know you want them. Only one question remains: Who’s your starting character of choice?

The five-shoe series allows anyone nostalgic for the nineties to relive the stress of choosing between Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur all over again.

The Pikachu Shoe – or the PikaShoe, if you like – is emblazoned with the shockingly cute electric yellow rodent’s face, for maximum cuteness and to make your choice just that little bit easier.

…If you can catch one in the first place.

With little details of the release date and production numbers, these will be harder to catch than Mewtwo and more elusive than people who still play Pokémon Go.

The style of sneaker, taking on FILA’s Court Deluxe Low-Top silhouette, looks like something straight out of Ash’s wardrobe and comes with adjustable velcro straps because – despite being sent out on parentless adventures – our fictional Pokémon heroes presumably still can’t tie their laces.

How apt.

Pokémon motifs can be found throughout the sneakers, and the shoes themselves are encased in a glorious ball box topped with the FILA x Pokémon collaboration logo.

There’s a pokéball on the tongue of the shoes and references to your favourite characters including Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur on the heels.

Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur are embodied by their respective elemental groups.

Pokémon Blue and Red turned 20 in February 2o18, to an internet-wide Flashback Friday.

Now, two decades on from the game’s 1998 Japanese release date, the beloved Ryan Reynolds will be joining Team Rocket – but not to take on Eevee this time.

The man who gave life to the Merc With The Mouth has been cast to play Pikachu in the eagerly-anticipated live-action Pokémon film.

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Legendary’s live-action Pokémon movie, which has had the rumour mill churning for sometime now, is based on the gaming franchise that spawned a generation of people who can’t make eye contact.

But with a difference.

Titled Detective Pikachu, Reynold’s titular role will see him take on the character from the Pikachu set, a self-styled investigator who is good at finding things.

The company has high hopes for the film, as the Pokémon franchise has sold 300 million video games worldwide, shipped 23.6 billion TCG cards to 74 countries and has produced an animated series spanning 20 seasons.

Ever since Reynolds joined the Marvel universe as everyone’s favourite R-rated anti-hero with a face like an avocado, he’s become the darling of comedy comic fans.

No one else can skewer a bad guy like him, so we can’t wait to see what he does with all those handy electric powers as Pikachu.

Now Pokémon merchandise and nineties comic book nostalgia is having a comeback, it’s sure to send the collectors crazy.

Just make sure you keep the original packaging, for Pete’s sake:


Unfortunately the Pokémon x FILA Court Deluxe Low-Top collection is currently only available at FILA locations in South Korea. Stay tuned for a worldwide drop.

You know it’s your destiny.

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