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Facebook Supports New Format for Interactive 3D Model Uploads

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You can now digitally sculpt a 3D model and upload it straight to Facebook to share with your friends. In addition, Facebook is now offering support for higher-quality glTF 2.0 files.

Facebook introduced 3D posts in October last year, enabling users to upload interactive models for their network to enjoy.

For next steps, the social media giant is adopting the 3D industry-standard glTF 2.0 file format, enabling the sharing of higher-quality content. The new file format means it’s possible to show textures, improved lighting, and more realistic renderings.

Better yet, the company is also offering tools to make implementing 3D sharing from any website, 3D software or app possible.

“People build communities by sharing things they care about — through photos, videos and, increasingly, more immersive media types,” explains Aykud Gönen on the Facebook for Developers blog.

With the new 3D posts, users are able to interact with a digital model by moving their mouse. The models are instantly responsive and it’s possible to swivel the post around to view it from all angles.

The demonstration below shows the process of uploading a 3D model to Facebook.

Sharing High-Quality 3D Models with Friends

To upload a 3D model, you need to use an app which supports the company’s new API. You can also share a link from a website that supports 3D sharing to the social media website. It’s also now possible to take the 3D posts to the company’s VR hangout rooms, Facebook Spaces.

If you’ve designed a model you’d like to share, simply drag and drop the file from your desktop into Facebook. Or, if you create models in VR, you can share a model from the Oculus Medium web gallery.

Have a 3D model which isn’t a gITF 2.0? You can use Facebook’s open source converters on GitHub. With glTF 2.0, 3D content retains its desired texture and it’s possible to choose a background color for the model too.

The company explain in their blog post that the aim is to create a 3D ecosystem across platforms. This is proven with how Facebook’s new Graph API endpoints enable developers to create 3D apps or cameras which share to the company’s News Feed directly.

Another goal is to make sharing AR and VR easier for people with mobile devices rather than limit it to those with an expensive headset.

Source: Facebook for Developers

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