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Experience All Out War As Negan in an Extended VR Scene From the The Walking Dead Premiere

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All-out war is here in The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere and now there’s even more of the battle to experience.

In this extended VR scene from the Season Premiere, you’ll not only see exactly how Gabriel and Negan each fought through the walker horde to end up in the trailer outside the Sanctuary together, you’ll experience it first-hand.

Watch Negan brutally fight his way out of the undead invasion, see what it’s like to be the Saviors’ leader under attack in his own home and find out what circumstances led Gabriel right into Negan’s hands.

There are plenty of ways to dive in to the extended VR scene right now. Click and drag on the below screen for 360° panoramas, or view on Youtube 360Facebook 360 or in the brand-new AMC VR apps for iOSAndroidSamsung Gear VR and Google Daydream

The AMC VR app also features a wealth of unique The Walking Dead experiences, including:

Surrounded: The walkers are closing in.

Feast: Dinner is served and you’re on the menu.

Herd: Feel what it’s like to move among the dead as you join a massive walker herd.

Trapped: Witness an up-close-and-personal walker attack from the safety of a parked car… but are you ever really safe?

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Gear VR

Be sure to stay tuned to the app and be on the lookout for new The Walking Dead content.

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