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Experience the Mystic Awakening Event in Black Desert Today on Xbox One

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Greetings, adventurers! Today, our team has added the Mystic Awakening event, Bartali’s Adventure Log, and new craftable costumes to the world of Black Desert in a free update on Xbox One.

Mystic, the master of martial arts, can now
achieve her true potential in today’s update. After reaching level 56, Mystic
is able to unlock her awakening weapon: a Cestus infused with the energy of
Banha, the divine sea dragon. Experience Mystic’s full power as you unleash a
flood upon your foes with this amazing weapon!

Find out more about the famed adventurer Igor Bartali and his epic journeys in the Adventure Log. Adventure Logs are a series of quests that award players a vast array of bonuses such as weight, AP and DP. By reaching level 51 and completing the Calpheon main story, players can speak with the Black Spirit to gain access to the first quest.

Dress to impress with new craftable costumes! After completing a set of quests players can craft new costumes for Shai including: Kanna’s Naga Disguise and the Florin Cook’s Clothes. Designs for both costumes are received after finishing The Naga Enthusiasts Club and A Glorious Past quest lines available from Izaella in Florin.

Embark on epic adventures, craft new costumes and channel the power of a sea dragon in Black Desert’s latest update today!

Black Desert is available
now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store and with Xbox Game Pass. Click here
for additional information and purchase details. { productId: ‘c1bbtrvb6blf’, badgeType: ‘large’ }, function( badge ) { badge = badge.replace( /www\.microsoft\.com\/store\//g, “” ); document.getElementById( “msp1573673071915” ).innerHTML = badge; } );

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