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Everything We Got Right (And Wrong) About 2017 In Gaming

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Every year in January, we make predictions about what will happen in the world of gaming in the coming year. Some of our guesses are wild and outlandish, others are safe bets, but no matter what, we get some things wrong. Sometimes, we get a lot of things wrong. Today is the day of reckoning. In this feature, we look back at each of our predictions and come face-to-face with our own inability to predict the future.

Our 2017 prognostications ran the gamut: big game announcements, inevitable delays, and industry-spanning failures. Out of seven total guesses from our various editors, how many do you think we got right? Read on to find out!

And come January we’ll do it all again. Stay on the lookout for our biggest 2018 gaming predictions coming soon. But in the meantime, what did you think was definitely going to happen in 2017 that didn’t end up coming to fruition? Let us know in the comments below!

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