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Double Fine’s The Amnesia Fortnight Movie Trailer

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  • “The Amnesia Fortnight Movie” is a new feature length documentary that dives into the world of game design.
  • Produced by 2 Player Productions, the documentary pulls the curtain back on game design at one of the industry’s most well-regarded studios.
  • Double Fine Productions has created such iconic games as Psychonauts, Broken Age, Brütal Legend, and the soon to be released Psychonauts 2.

From the crew behind ‘Double Fine Adventure’ comes a brand-new feature length documentary, “Amnesia Fortnight,” that dives into the fast-paced world of game design and the fresh challenges that come with turning ideas into reality. Double Fine Productions (known for Psychonauts, Broken Age, Brütal Legend and more) take an annual two-week break from project work to refresh and reenergize. During these two weeks, some of the team takes part in a process called “Amnesia Fortnight,” where anyone at the studio can pitch a game concept with a goal of turning those ideas into working prototypes. In 2019, during the team’s work on Psychonauts 2, Double Fine held an “Amnesia Fortnight.” The result? New projects embodying the studio’s ethos of comedic adventures and unique games. 

Split into teams and working on a tight deadline, Double Fine’s stable of artists, programmers, producers, and musicians must come together and overcome technical hurdles in a game jam bonanza. What follows is madcap puppet theater, devious journeys into the underworld, a sinister puzzle game, and grand battles on the back of giant slugs as four very different games grow from concepts to prototypes. Four ideas enter and four games leave, and the entire process is outlined in this feature length documentary (by in-house crew 2 Player Productions) that pulls back the curtain on game design at one of the industry’s most well-regarded studios. 

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The film premieres in all its splendiferous glory on Thursday, April 29 as a YouTube event. For additional information on the film and to get notified upon release, visit The Amnesia Fortnight Movie Premiere Watch Page. Don’t forget to follow Double Fine on Twitter to keep up with details on this and everything else we have going on!

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