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Design Your Hospitals and Cure Unusual Illnesses in Two Point Hospital on Xbox One

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  • Two Point Hospital is coming to Xbox One February 25 and available for pre-order today from the Microsoft Store
  • Xbox Game Pass members can play the same date as the global release
  • The Xbox One version includes two expansions: Bigfoot and Pebberley Island

You kick back and
relax with a cup of tea. Your hospital’s looking pretty sharp: you’ve got a
reception desk, you’ve built a doctor’s office… things are running rather well.

But no more than two
sips into your overly milky beverage, you realize that this isn’t exactly a
normal hospital. The cup slips from your hand, tumbling inexorably towards your
new carpet. Your mouth, agape. A patient suffering from Cubism has just walked
in looking like a Picasso painting.

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This, my friends and new acquaintances, is Two Point Hospital. An unusual healthcare sim to say the least; one that’s been loved by critics and players alike and is now heading straight to your couch –it’s coming to Xbox One February 25.

Two Point Hospital

New Console

“But what about the
keyboard and mouse?” you scream in soul-rending unison. “How will we play it
without a keyboard and mouse?”

That’s why we’re
pleased to say we’ve also designed a great control scheme that makes it even
quicker and easier to build and manage your hospital. Jump into build menus in
milliseconds. Handle staff hiring and finances with just a couple of button
presses. We’ve got you covered.

The camera system has also been reworked to handle twin-sticks, meaning you’ll be gliding your virtual eyes around the hospital with simplicity and ease.

Two Point Hospital

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Manage Your Very
Own Hospital

Two Point Hospital is a game where you build and manage all
aspects of a healthcare institution. You’ll build rooms, place objects and
decorate your hospitals with a variety of lovely items and then fling open the
doors to cure some very wild illnesses.

But this isn’t your standard
doctors-and-nurses fare. You’ll be dealing with the likes of Light-headedness
(patients with giant lightbulbs for heads), Premature Mummification (your
patients are wrapped in bandages) and hundreds of other unusual ailments.

To cure these patients, you’ll need to feed them into a variety of “cure machines”, highly-specialized and finely calibrated pieces of equipment. To cure Cubism, for example, your doctors will supervise the shaking apart of their individual cubes into a funnel, watch your patient be pumped into a new skin and finally baked in a small chamber before being released afresh with a comical ping.

Two Point Hospital

You’ll also need to
keep an eye on your finances. Splurge the cash, and you might have to take out
a loan to cover your bills. But hire, train and promote the right staff, scale
your hospital in the right way and keep an eye on the prices of your cures (and
snack machines) and you might find yourself in charge of a fine, award-winning
healthcare empire expanding across Two Point County.

And what a place Two
Point County is! Imagine the whole world in a single place. Hot and humid
jungles, the cold north, an industrial megatropolis: it’s all here. With each
region, you’ll find yourself dealing with new challenges and new
region-specific diseases, meaning your playthrough will unfold in interesting

Anything Can Happen

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As Two Point
is a management sim, anything can happen in your hospitals, too!
One particularly fraught incident, captured for life on our studio livestreams,
involved a health inspector coming to visit. After a wonderful tour of the
facilities, he approached one of our corridors only for us to realize that a
patient had gone to the toilet… uh… outside of the toilet.

Two Point Hospital

The sausage-like crime
was in clear view, and in only seconds he’d clap eyes on it himself. We did the
only thing we could. We urgently hired a janitor and gave him one job and one
job only – deal with the lumpy misdemeanor in corridor 3.

Sadly, he slipped in
the deed just as the health inspector rounded the corner. We’d been caught in
the act, and our hospital prestige suffered as a result. But you can’t say we
didn’t try.

If you’d like to get
your hands on Two Point Hospital, you’ll be able to enjoy it for
yourself on February 25, 2020. You can pre-order Two Point Hospital
digitally on the Microsoft Store, with two expansions included at launch! Or
you can play on console with your Xbox Game Pass membership on
the same day as the global release

With that, we’ll leave
you to fix the tea stain on your carpet. Just remember: it could be worse!

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