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[DEAL] Monoprice 3D Printers – up to $200 Off

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US electronics retailer Monoprice has chopped up to $200 off the price of some of its 3D printers — including the Maker Ultimate, the company’s rebadging of the heavy hitting Wanhao D6.

Not content to sit back and ship stuff at full price, Monoprice has once again cut the prices of its 3D printer offerings. We suspect it’s a measure to clear stock ahead of the incoming wave of new machines announced at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January.

Whatever the reason, we’re not ones to complain at cut price printers. Especially so when said cut prices include $200 off the rather good Maker Ultimate. If you’ve ever fancied a 3D printer that looks like a Zortrax, feels like an Ultimaker, has the build of a battle tank and is pennies to the dollar cheaper than them all, the Ultimate is probably your thing.

Here’s the skinny on what Monoprice is offering.

Monoprice is putting a limit on these deals, with the limit one code per order (not combinable with other codes and discounts). Each code good for three uses per customer.

Other deals:

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