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Dad Meets Gamer Buddy For First Time After Seven Years Playing Together

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Meeting people online is part modern society. Friendships can often migrate into real-life, but for these two gamer buddies, they kept their strictly via Xbox for seven years.

Addey Bartlett, from Hawaii, captured the beautiful moment her dad met up with his Xbox friend for the first time after seven years of bonding through gaming.

The photos of the pair went viral on Twitter, with lots of other people speaking out about their new-age gaming friendship tales.

Speaking to UNILAD, Addey said:

So basically, my dad has been playing Xbox for years. Like since it came out. My mom has been on him about quitting gaming and literally could not stand it.

We always made fun of him that his only friends are from Xbox. My dad and his Xbox friends literally know each other’s life stories, occupation… they’re like real friends.

My dad always talked about wanted to meet his friends in person and we always have him so much grief making fun of him!

That was about two years ago, and it wasn’t really talked about. Then one of his Xbox friends he’s been playing with for the past seven or eight years was coming to Portland for business and wanted to meet up with him!

At first I was like no that’s literally weird, because he invited my siblings and I to go with him. I honestly just went at first so I could see the dynamic and see if it was weird or not

Even Xbox got involved with the fun, creating a gif with a green and grey artwork of the pair saying ‘Friendships like these happen once every 360 years’.

The gif also had a message at the bottom saying ‘Rare achievement unlocked – battle buddies’.

Addey continued:

When we picked up his friend James from his hotel with his girlfriend it was literally like picking up a friend he’s known his whole life! They were so excited I was so caught off guard.

We all ended up going to dinner in downtown Portland, and had so much fun. It was so cute to see my dad so happy, it made me realise that it’s literally not weird for people to make real friendships online.

Both of them are completely average dads who just game for fun and gained a true friendship out of it. It was pretty cool and I officially can’t make fun of him anymore for it.

The reactions on Twitter were incredibly positive, and the post received over 217k likes and 50k retweets.

One commenter wrote about their cute story:

Met my best friend on xbox 12-13 years ago and we have been best friends irl for 11 with lots of weekends wasted with split-screen couch co-op, concerts, movies and new year parties and all general bromancing.

Another said:

I love this! I met my husband, best friend, and tons of other wonderful friends off Xbox Live in real life…it’s the best thing ever.

The family’s new gamer buddy James has met with four of his other gaming buddies so far and now they are all planning a camping trip to Lake Tahoe… sounds like a Paul Rudd movie.

This brings a whole new meaning to internet connection.

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