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Copymaster 3D Set To Debut First Range of 3D Printers

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Copymaster 3D is a brand new player in the 3D printing world and has certainly raised a few eyebrows since it burst onto the scene with its website launch in June. Copymaster has now announced that it is set to debut its first generation of 3D printers on the 27th August. With its high performance and low price tag, it looks set to shake up the budget-mid range sector of the market.

3D printing is in a great spot at the moment. It is more affordable than it ever has been and even the most basic budget 3D printers are capable of creating some nice prints. Popular brands like Creality and Wanhao offer a range of good value 3D printers that have so far satisfied the needs of beginner and intermediate users alike. So, what do Copymaster 3D printers offer that make them a better proposition?

Print Bigger For Less

The Copymaster 3D is available in 3 different models. The model numbers are relative to the build size of the printer, with the 500 having the largest build volume of the three:

  • 300 – (300 x 300 x 400mm) – £499 ($530 USD)
  • 400 – (400 x 400 x 400mm) – £599 ($637 USD)
  • 500 – (500 x 500 x 500mm) – £699 ($743 USD)

You would typically expect large build volumes like these to be from a much more expensive printer. Having a bigger space to play with means bigger possibilities for what you can print.

Be More Flexible

Arguably the most compelling feature of the Copymaster is its wide compatibility with a range of different filaments as standard. The direct drive integrated extruder head can print with flexible filament straight out of the box with no modifications or upgrades required. The extruder head has also been designed to be highly precise. Its print accuracy is within 50 microns so finished prints truly represent the design files that are used.

Thoughtfully Designed In The UK

From concept to final product, the Copymaster 3D was designed by a team of people who are passionate about 3D printers and actually use them on a daily basis. This really shows when you see, first hand, the useful features, solid build quality and nice touches that have been incorporated into the design.

The Copymaster 3D is an open design, all in one unit. It is simple to assemble and only takes about 20 minutes. The industrial grade aluminium frame is very strong and stable, which benefits the printing process.

The no-filament sensor is a great feature that will rescue countless 3D print jobs. Running your printer for hours at a time only for the print to fail because you ran out of filament is probably one of the biggest frustrations you can ever experience in 3D printing. The sensor will automatically pause the printing if it detects that the filament has run out. When you swap out the filament, it will resume as normal.

The Copymaster 3D also comes with a heated print bed as standard, with a diamond black glass print surface upgrade available, to help give you more consistent results for a variety of different filaments. It is magnetic, flexible and is designed to take the hassle out of print removal.

Inspiration Behind the Brand

Tim Gray, the founder of Copymaster 3D and also the CEO of Technology Outlet, the UK’s leading online retailer for 3D printers, explains why he created the Copymaster 3D brand:

“I wanted to make 3D printing easier and more accessible for more people. I wanted to let people experiment with a range of different filaments without running out of space to print or running into the issue of needing to modify the extruder head. There has been a lot of demand for an affordable printer that offers this functionality and the Copymaster provides this. I’m really happy with it.”

Copymaster 3D will be attending the TCT Show at the NEC on the 25-27 September to showcase its lineup for the first time. Copymaster 3D is open to reseller applications worldwide. For more information, email [email protected]

To find out more details and preorder a Copymaster 3D printer visit https://copymaster3d.com

All Copymaster 3D printers will begin shipping worldwide from the 27th August and all pre orders will receive any two PLA filaments of any colour for free.

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