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Control Your PC and Presentations with a Fidget Cube

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Inspired by the original Fidget Cube, Masta Box is a Bluetooth 4.0 controller gadget which serves a range of purposes, such as a Micro SD card reader, an Air Mouse, a Joystick and a Laser Pointer.

Fidget toys have been helping people satisfy their need to fidget since last year. However, a company called Masta Box now wants to add more functionality to the toy and make it more practical, rather than just fidgeting fun.

They’ve designed the “world’s first ever” fidget controller gadget. Essentially, they re-engineered a fidget toy and turned a pretty useless (yet extremely fun) cube into a universal controller device which can complete a range of commands.

Better yet, it still looks like a fun toy but is, in fact, a somewhat crazy input device. If can be paired with Bluetooth 4.0 compatible devices. So you can use it as an air mouse, a game controller, a MIDI controlleror as a laser pointer. With the proper USB cable, the device also can be used as a Micro SD card reader. Use it for browsing the internet, giving a presentation, making music or playing videos.

The trackball resolution is 1,000 dpi, and the internal rechargeable battery can standby up to 4-week.

The fidget controller gadget is now on Kickstarter and has almost hit its goal of €20,941. Currently, the campaign has raised €19,123 thanks to 371 backers. However, there are still 24 days to go.

Masta Box explains on their campaign page: “At Masta Box, we are all certified Class-A fidgeters. Fidgeters get attached to their little fidget toys and bring them everywhere they go. That’s why we make Masta Box. It saves us from packing another device by combining a seemingly simple fidget cube with the functions of a universal Bluetooth controller.”

Pre-Order a Masta Box Fidget Controller on Kickstarter

In order to develop a sleek design which also serves a varied range of purposes, the team took to 3D modeling and printing to develop prototypes. However, there is little information available on their processes.

The final fidget controller is compatible with both PC and Mac via Bluetooth 4.0. You can pre-order yours from Kickstarter for $37 Canadian dollars (around $29USD). After the campaign ends, you’ll be able to choose your fidget controller’s color. Your controller should arrive by post in November this year.

Currently, the team states possible setbacks as: “We believe there will be bigger challenges ahead when we move to the mass production, but our team will make all our effort to assure the quality and production line run smoothly.”

Although the fidget controller is unlikely to be as commonly used as the fidget toy, it is a seemingly cool input device which could help with presentation nerves. Check out the Kickstarter campaign to find out more.

Masta Box
Masta Box

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