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Compete in the Hearthstone Dungeon Run Challenge

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Twitch is excited to announce the Hearthstone Dungeon Run Challenge that will begin this week in celebration of the launch of Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs on December 7th. With over $30,000 in prizes at stake, all streamers on Twitch are invited to participate for a chance to delve deep and immortalize themselves within Hearthstone’s eternal lore!

Upon release of Kobolds and Catacombs, the new Dungeon Run will be unlocked for free to every Hearthstone account. On top of existing rewards for playing the game mode, a special “Candle King” cardback is awarded for clearing the game mode with all nine classes.

The Dungeon Run Challenge is simple — obtain the Candle King cardback in the fewest attempts per class possible. The event is separated into two phases:

Phase 1: For 10 days upon expansion release, this will be an open call to all Twitch streamers to participate! Gather you best score by minimizing your attempts while clearing Dungeon Run. Every defeat or retire will count as an additional attempt for that class. Your final tally of attempts will be your score — the lower, the better. Do you think you have the guts, the stamina, and the cunning to even post a perfect score of nine attempts?

Phase 2: Upon verification of the top 10 scores, remaining finalists will qualify for the final Survival round. Each finalist will have 24 hours to choose a class to clear the Dungeon run in as few attempts possible. Every defeat or retire will count as an additional attempt. The three best scores in the Survival rounds will be declared the winners! If necessary, in the event of a tie, survival rounds will repeat until a clear winner is determined.

Phase 1 of the Challenge begins at on December 7 the moment Kobolds and Catacombs releases on the Americas server and will conclude on December 17 at 11:59PM PST. Any submission after the deadline will be invalid. Phase 2 will be announced on a later date once the 10 finalists have been verified and contacted by Twitch.

Note: On December 7, Kobolds and Catacombs will be dropping first on the Americas server. Europe and Asia server players can either start an Americas Hearthstone account to access the free Dungeon Run content (make sure to clear the tutorial first!) or simply wait for the expansion on their respective server.

Some streamers who will be participating:

How do I participate?

To participate, simply use your Twitch account to broadcast the entirety of your submission under the “Hearthstone: Dungeon Run Challenge” Community tab.

If you do not have a Twitch account, signing up is free and easy! We highly recommend you research how to stream on your own through the Twitch subreddit or other available resources online/posted at the bottom.

A valid submission must include:

  • A successful Dungeon Run completion with all nine (9) Hearthstone classes consecutively — Druid, Hunter, Mage, Shaman, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior. Order of class completion does not matter. Repeating a class dungeon will only add to the attempts counter.
  • Entirety of the runs must be fully broadcasted on Twitch under the proper Communities tab. Any partial completion offline will invalidate the submission. Recordings are only valid submissions if broadcasted on the Twitch channel in its entirety.

You can view the full official ruleset here.


When does Kobolds and Catacombs release?

I finished! How do I submit to verify if I have won anything?

Go on Twitter and tweet @Twitch with a link to your VODs. Make sure you include the #DungeonRunChallenge hashtag!

What if I disconnect halfway or my stream goes down?

You are responsible for your own internet connection. Triple check your settings and test stability before you start. Any partial runs will be reviewed for authenticity, so submitting with chopped up VODs is at your own risk. If it is verified that your disconnect caused a loss, that will unfortunately count as an attempt.

I cleared a couple classes/started a few practice runs before I began streaming. Do those runs count towards my score?

Yes, it unfortunately will be counted towards the score. Your score is your total attempts per class for the cardback and will be verified by Blizzard for authenticity. Your submission will also be invalid if the broadcast VODs do not all 9 classes cleared in Dungeon Mode.

I accidentally started another run on a class I already cleared. Does that count towards my score?

Yes, so make sure you carefully evaluate which classes you completed and which you have yet to start.

I found out about the challenge a few days after it started and I already did a few dungeon runs for fun. How can I still participate?

You may create a new submission by starting fresh on a different server or if you have another valid account. Remember, it’s the challenge is to obtain the cardback in fewest attempts per class possible — so try to avoid practice runs on your official submission account.

Can I submit more than once?

No, you can only submit one time so make sure your best clear attempt is the one you submit!

Do I have to have an Americas account? What if I decide to switch servers in between?

Playing on Americas is only if you want to start the challenge immediately upon release of the expansion. You can participate on any server, but you only get one submission for that server. Switching to another region will count as another entire submission. When you start is up to you. The Dungeon Run content is free on all servers so all that is needed is to complete the tutorial for access to solo adventure content. There is no separate prizes for server accomplishments.

Can I do play on multiple accounts on the same time?

Each valid submission must show only 1 account being played at a time. Playing multiple servers or multiple accounts simultaneously will invalidate your run.

I got the best score, but I did not stream it. Can I claim the bounty?

Unfortunately, if you did not stream the completion of the challenge in its entirety, you are not eligible to win. However, if you record locally on your computer, you may broadcast the VOD on Twitch. However, you must accept that the run must first be streamed in its entirety before officially claiming the prize.

Can I have a friend on call or next to me?

Absolutely. It can be any sort of team effort, but we will credit it to the official owner (by email account) of the stream. Just don’t drag us into the division of the spoils. 😛

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