ColorFabb to Launch New Color on Demand Filament Service in June

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Color on Demand is a new service coming soon from colorFabb which will enable you to have the color you want matched and produced. With more choice than ever, you can either order from the dozens of RAL colors or create your own. 

colorFabb will soon be offering a service which works in a similar way to when you visit a hardware store and customize your paint color. However, instead of off-white paint, you’ll be able to customize your filament color.

This service from the Dutch filament manufacturer, called Color on Demand, will be launching next month. The idea is that 3D printer fanatics and makers will be able to come up with a filament color of their own choosing.

To begin, the company is starting with classic RAL color references in PLA. There are currently 60 colors and more being added regularly.

However, it’ll be possible to order unique colors at a low Multiple Order Quantity (MOQ). It’ll be possible to order from 2kg in any color your need.

colorFabb explain in a teasing blog post: “Due to a new innovative production method we are able to meet the immediate color needs of our users. This allows us to offer more colors than ever, whenever they are needed.


Color on Demand Coming Very Soon

The company is still working on the proof on concept for the Color on Demand service, creating “dozens of RAL colors” and introducing more on a weekly basis.

If you have a new color which hasn’t been matched yet, simply place an order on the colorFabb website and they’ll start the process for you. To ensure you like what you’ve chosen, you can also order a color plaque to approve the shade before purchasing a 2kg spool.

For existing colors, lead times will be between five and eight business days. However, new color matches will take between two and three weeks. The price of a 2kg spool will be €75 (excluding VAT or shipping) with tier pricing for the more you order.

Already available from day one will be a huge range of colors including, sky blue, pastel green, raspberry red, bright red orange, oyster white, traffic white, window grey, iron grey, telemagenta, signal red and many more, all in PLA.

ColorFabb adds: “Note that all filaments will be specifically produced for you. Color on Demand will be available as from June this year. A full announcement will be made when we launch. Stay tuned…“. Check the Color on Demand webpages for more info.

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