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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 developers to suspend or ban players using exploits

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The game is focused exclusively on multiplayer, with no single-player campaign, so it makes sense that the developers would look harshly on players trying to get a leg up in multiplayer battles. Although it might be tempting to take advantage of glitches when playing, this news is a strong reminder that it isn’t worth the hassle to cheat.

Other new content in the update includes access to the “Black Market,” where players can purchase cosmetic items, and the launch of the Halloween Event across all platforms with spooky-themed cosmetic items available in a second stream of the Black Market. Other minor changes have been made like doubling the bleed-out time of the last zombie in the Zombie mode, boosted XP rates in solo and two-player matches, fewer Hellhounds spawned in certain levels, and tweaking the use and effectiveness of Elixirs.

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