Bethesda Officially Announce Fallout 76

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Bethesda Game Studios has taken to Twitter with some pretty exciting Fallout-related news. The announcement of a new installation in the iconic franchise.

The company teased the release of the game yesterday (May 29) with a cryptic tweet, but now the announcement has solidified the news of the release of Fallout 76.

The title of the game is in reference to Vault 76, one of the Vault-Tec vaults shown on the computer in the Citadel.

The vault was designed to open 20 years after a nuclear war, and was one of seventeen such vaults. The game is thought to be set within the vault.

The original creators of Fallout said last year they would never make their own sequel.

Chris Taylor said:

I loved working on Fallout. It was the best team of people I ever worked with. I think it’s grown so much bigger than myself that I would feel very hesitant to work on it nowadays. I would love to work on a Fallout property, like a board game, but working on another computer game might be too much.

Leonard Boyarsky continued:

We felt like to continue on with it under changed circumstances would possibly leave a bad taste in our mouths. We were so happy and so proud of what we’d done that we didn’t want to go there.

It would be very hard for us to swallow working on a Fallout game where somebody else was telling you what you could and couldn’t do. I would have a really hard time with someone telling me what Fallout was supposed to be.

I’m sure that it would never happen because of the fact that I would have that issue.

Tim Cain added:

I’ve had a Fallout game in my head since finishing Fallout 1 that I’ve never told anyone about. But it’s completely designed, start to finish.

I know the story, I know the setting, I know the time period, I know what kind of characters are in it. It just sits in the back of my head, and it’s sat there for 20 years.

I don’t think I ever will make it, because by now anything I make would not possibly compare to what’s in my head. But it’s up there.

But now we know there is definitely a new Fallout game happening.

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