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Audio Goes 3D With Brainwavz New Line Of 3D Printed Headphones

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Brainwavz, the headphone manufacturer which launched back in 2008, has presented a new pair of earphones for audiophiles – aka lovers of high-quality sound experiences.

According to the company, the new B400 line offers high performance and a high-quality sound experience.

The new models feature separate balanced armature drivers on each side. A total of four drivers focus towards a certain frequency range. Therefore, the B400s pick up the full range of music frequencies between 10 Hz to 40,000 Hz. (Human hearing usually stops at 20,000 Hz, but your dog will love the extra high frequencies boost).

However, the shape is the B400s most novel feature.

The company created the earphones using a liquid resin 3D printer. By employing a 3D modeling and printing system, Brainwavz crafted a unique earphone shape.

Originally, Brainwavz tried to craft the new earphones using liquid injection molds. However, the technique failed and instead it turned to liquid resin 3D printing.

Brainwavz presents its new B400 earphone line. (Image: Brainwavz)

All the Accessories are Included

“3D modelling and printing means we can innovate faster and experiment more, enabling us to create a unique system that lets the balanced armatures perform above and beyond expectations,” Brainwavz explained.

Included with the headphones are MMCX cables that are detachable. They are industry standard cables and can be swapped with other MMCX-based cables. This has significant advantages because if your cable breaks, you can simply buy a new one without having to replace the ear tips. Consequently, you may be saving money in the long run.

Given their unique design and high sound quality, the price tag of $190 is reasonable for a high-quality in-ear headphone.

Further accessories that are included are the MMCX cables, a carrying case, a cleaning kit, and silicone tips to adjust the size of the ear tips.

The B400s are now available in Brainwavz online store.

MMCX cable. (Image: Brainwavz)

Source: Brainwavz & Digitaltrends

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