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Are you ready for some Thursday Night Football?

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Get ready to experience the NFL in a whole new way, because Thursday Night Football is returning to Twitch. And this season, we’re bringing more of your favorite streamers along to co-stream than ever before.

Starting September 26 when the Eagles visit the Packers, every Thursday night game will be broadcast live, and for free, on /primevideo. So get ready to metaphorically scream your lungs out for whoever you root for, it’s gonna be a wild season indeed.

Here are the games we’ll be featuring this season:

You can catch the official stream on /primevideo, but if you’re looking for a more unique spin on the broadcasts, we’ve got all sorts of co-streams lined up. Here’s who’s lined up to co-stream this season:

Week 4 (Eagles v Packers): AngryJoe, NateHill, Problemwright, Gutfoxx, TimTheTatman, NICKMERCS

Week 5 (Rams v Seahawks): AngryJoe, NateHill, FemSteph, sinister1, Problemwright, Gutfoxx, BJPofficial, TimTheTatman, NICKMERCS

Week 6 (Giants v Patriots): AngryJoe, NateHill, FemSteph, sinister1, Problemwright, Gutfoxx, TimTheTatman, NICKMERCS

Week 7 (Chiefs v Broncos): AngryJoe, NateHill, sinister1, Problemwright, Gutfoxx, BJPofficial, TimTheTatman, NICKMERCS

Week 8 (Redskins v Vikings): AngryJoe, NateHill, sinister1, BJPofficial, TimTheTatman

Week 9 (49ers v Cardinals): AngryJoe, NateHill, FemSteph, sinister1, BJPofficial

Week 10 (Chargers v Raiders): AngryJoe, NateHill, runitup, FemSteph, BJPofficial, TimTheTatman

Week 11 (Steelers v Browns): AngryJoe, NateHill, runitup, Gutfoxx, TimTheTatman, NICKMERCS

Week 12 (Colts v Texans): AngryJoe, NateHill, runitup, TimTheTatman

Week 14 (Cowboys v Bears): AngryJoe, NateHill, runitup, FemSteph, TimTheTatman, NICKMERCS

Week 15 (Jets v Ravens): AngryJoe, runitup, TimTheTatman

And don’t forget, before things kick off on Twitch, you can catch Thursday Night Football action on 9/12 and 9/19 exclusively on the NFL Network.

  • 9/12 8PM ET — Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers
  • 9/19 8PM ET — Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars

Whether you tune in to the official broadcast on /PrimeVideo or the co-stream of your choice, we’ll see you on Thursdays!

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