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Arduino and K-Way, with the support of Edge Impulse, team up for a new idea of smart clothing

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Imagine the possibilities generated by integrating advanced AI and powerful sensors in to one of the most iconic outdoors jackets with a heritage that’s more than 50 years old. You could start sensing and interacting with the surroundings like never before.

This is what we created here at Arduino: enclosing the Nicla Sense ME, the new sensory brain from Arduino, into the K-WAY jacket, powered with Edge Impulse AI, to sense the external world and imagine a new way to conceive smart clothing.

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The Nicla Sense ME is beautifully nestled in a custom silicone mold, attached to the iconic coloured zipper of the K-WAY jacket to help you program, monitor, and work with some of the most relevant environmental data that matters to you most. 

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The Nicla Sense ME on the K-WAY jacket recognizes in real-time whenever the air you’re breathing is polluted, can indicate changing weather conditions, and it communicates with you through a LED on the board or even a smart phone app.

And what would you do with the same technology?
If this question is intriguing to you, get ready and pitch your idea. Arduino, with the support of Edge Impulse, will select the best pitch ideas and send over a jacket and a Nicla Sense ME for developing your ideas and make them come true!

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The call for developers will officially open on October 18, be sure you won’t miss it!

Website: LINK

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Written by Quad Oner


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