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8 Content Creators We Want to See in the Metaverse

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Interest in the metaverse and the virtual landscape is at an all-time high, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Whether it be through high-end gaming, casual immersive viewing, or just creating a virtual social space, these are the people we want to see in the metaverse:

8 Content Creators We Want to See the Metaverse

ASMR took YouTube by storm, and it has left us a multitude of creators to enjoy.  Our first ASMR artist on the list is Seul Gi Lee, known by her audience as Latte ASMR.  Latte is known for ASMR roleplay videos, ASMR trigger content, and even a few mukbang pieces, another popular YouTube genre.  The VRChat community has many opportunities for roleplay, and the customization of your avatar leaves those opportunities to be seemingly endless.

8 Content Creators We Want to See the Metaverse

Another ASMR artist we want to extend a warm welcome to is Michael of ASMR Zeitgeist.  Popularized by his integration of art and ASMR, Zeitgeist now uses all sorts of technologies to bring ASMR variety to his audience.  With his background in art, we think that VR artists would welcome him with open arms.  Alternatively, we would be curious about how he uses the premium technology of HTC VIVE with the art of ASMR.

8 Content Creators We Want to See the Metaverse

One more ASMR artist, Gibi ASMR.  You may know Gibi from her live streams or her YouTube channel, but Gibi is definitely one of the big players in the ASMR community.  Her content varies from simple trigger videos to cosplay videos exhibiting her love for anime and gaming.  From high-end gaming with the Pro 2 or cathartic relaxation with Flow, Gibi has all areas covered.

8 Content Creators We Want to See the Metaverse

Training your breath to work with your body.  Adriene Mishler and her dog, Benji, are ready to help you take that step into healthy yoga practices.  Adriene’s varied and accessible yoga videos can help bring peace into your day-to-day life.  We think that Yoga with Adriene and the meditative and mindful Flow would work well hand in hand.

8 Content Creators We Want to See the Metaverse

Comedy. Check. Lifestyle. Check. Music. Check.  Anna Akana is a content-creating savant.  Her talent with music is matched by her sound lifestyle advice.  As VR puts the power of creation at your fingertips, there isn’t a limit on what she can do.  Who knows, the next virtual concert you see may be one from Anna.

8 Content Creators We Want to See the Metaverse

Connor Franta’s glowing personality always comes front and center in the content he creates.  He openly shares his life on the internet regardless of the setting, story, or mood.  He’s charismatic, dynamic, and it is refreshing to see the growth of a creator who has a content library surpassing a decade old.  We hope that Connor is able to traverse the metaverse to reveal a whole new lifestyle to discuss.

8 Content Creators We Want to See the Metaverse

Life is hard, and self-care can feel like a chore.  Fortunately, we have Rowena Tsai, the self-proclaimed “Productive Potato” of YouTube.  Rowena takes a practical look at self-care and productivity, even when you’re feeling demotivated and deflated.  We’d love to see how she’d tackle the VIVE Sync work environment or a simple mental break with Flow.

8 Content Creators We Want to See the Metaverse

“Life is an art.  Make it Your masterpiece.”  Wise words from Aileen Xu, aka Lavendaire.  If planners and simple lifestyle changes are your game, Lavendaire is your guide.  Her simple tips help her audience practice mindfulness and harness the power of motivation amidst potential chaos.  As she is the artist of life, we are curious how she’d utilize a fully customizable and creative workspace in VR.

These are just a few content creators that we wanted to highlight.  From ASMR and gaming to mediation and lifestyle, these creators bring joy to their audience in many different shapes and forms, and we only think the wonderful world of VR with VIVE would amplify their talents further.

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