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3D Printer Party Breaks Guinness World Record, 3D Prints 4.8 Meters Sword

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Last weekend, the 3D Printing Party in Burgos, Spain, broke the record for the most 3D printers printing simultaneously with their owners. However, that may not be the only record broken at the annual event.

At the University of Burgos in Spain last weekend, a 3D Printing Party took over from May 4th to 6th. During this time, the “biggest event for 3D printing in Spain” broke the world record for amateur 3D printers all working at the same time.

Impressively, the fourth year of the 3D Printing Party saw 161 machines printing simultaneously, controlled by their 210 owners. The party stole this title from the previous holder, the American Airwolf3D company who had 159.

As well as this record, MakerGal, a 3D printer design company in Galicia, believe they may have broken the world record for the longest 3D printed sword. It took the team 48 hours to create the 4.8 meters sword. They hope to take the record from previous holder, XRobots UK.

As well as being a great place for breaking records, the party also displays the capabilities and latest developments in the industry to all those attending. Better yet, it’s also a great way for fans of 3D printing all across Spain to get together.

Four Years of Bringing Together 3DP Makers and Fans

This year’s party is the first time it is located in Burgos. For the first few 3D Printing Parties, the location was León, Spain and saw 15,000 visits in three years.

Rodrigo Morales, one of the organizers, explains that the party “was born from the Clone Wars community – which tries to document everything necessary to build your own 3D printer – with the aim of getting to know each other and sharing knowledge and experiences.”

The website explains further, “Clone Wars is a group within the RepRap community… We also collect information such as location of local businesses, members of the group that have a printer near you… data in general that can help you with your project.” Join the community, here.

The reason for the name 3D Printing Party 24 is that it’s held in a 24-hour non-stop format. During this time, attendees are encouraged to present their best works with the chance of winning the II National Prize of 3D Printing.

It is organized by the Abadía Tecnológica company as well as the National Association for Education and the Promotion of Technology (ANEFT). However, to make this possible, they rely on the collaboration of the City Council and the University of Burgos as well as sponsorship from companies such as; Telefónica Foundation, FFF World, SEUR, 3DLac and the company BQ.

Source: 3D Printer Party Press Releases

Image by @innovaland3d

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